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Immunology Breakthrough Has Big Implications

In May, the Wall Street Journal published an article that describes a new breakthrough in the field of immunology. The breakthrough is that antibodies work inside of cells as well as outside of them.  This discovery has huge implications for antiviral … Continue reading

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Tasty Guilt Free Dessert

Lemon Peel Ricotta Crème Recipe – South Beach Diet This healthy dessert recipe comes from Dr. Agatston’s famous book, The South Beach Diet.  His diet has been scientifically validated to help with metabolic syndrome, diabetes and pre-diabetes.  His diet is also … Continue reading

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Weight Loss Recently Shown to Improve Symptoms and the Frequency of Atrial Fibrillation.

This recent article which was well executed, shows that in obese subjects with atrial fibrillation (a common problem which is associated with significant risk for stroke),  weight loss results in less burden of symptoms and severity of symptoms. There were … Continue reading

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Statin Use For The Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

A review of statin use for the prevention of cardiovascular disease shows very positive support for the use of statin medication. My readers know that I am very much in favor of lifestyle changes to lower cardiovascular risk and this … Continue reading

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Obama Administration Changes Midstream The Affordable Care Act

The Hens Are Coming To Roost The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (now the Affordable Care Act) was such a voluminous law that we were told “We have to pass this law in order to see what is in … Continue reading

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Study Demonstrates Effectiveness of a New Generation of Anticoagulants

This recent article demonstrates that the new generation anticoagulants are as effective as our old gold standard but with less bleeding risk. The study compared a new Xa inhibitor with our present standard of care — low molecular weight heparin plus … Continue reading

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Doctor-Patient Relationship Breakdown Leads to Physician Dissatisfaction

The following statistics are from the 2013 Physician Outlook and Practice Trends, a report published by Jackson Healthcare. Physician discontent appears to be creating a void in the healthcare field. Physicians are preparing to leave medicine early either through retirement … Continue reading

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