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Can You Spot the Antioxidants?

Play the game at every meal! This breakfast of fresh fruit, nuts, coffee, a protein shake, and LifePak Nano vitamins jump starts my nutrition to ensure a great day.

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How The Supreme Court Doomed PPACA To Failure

In this excerpt from Regulation: The Cato Review of Business and GovernmentThomas Lambert of the Cato Institute perfectly sums up why we have such expensive healthcare in the United States.  When third party payers (Medicare and Insurance companies) pay for … Continue reading

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Internal Medicine News

This post is part of a segment called ‘What is Doctor Reading?’ where I aggregate interesting articles about medicine and provide a brief commentary.  The following are news pieces from the February 15th issue of Internal Medicine News. Print Edition Headline: … Continue reading

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Benefit of the Mediterranean Diet

Benefit of the Mediterranean Diet This is big news and again highlights my position that diet is very significant to overall health.  Many of our prescriptions could be reduced or eliminated if we just got really serious about our lifestyle/habits.  … Continue reading

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ACO’s vs. HMO’s and the coming failure of ‘Accountable Care’

The ACO (Accountable Care Organization) concept is the already failed model of the HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)- same pig, different lipstick.  If this gets sold nationally the public really doesn’t understand economics. You don’t meet a rising demand in consumption … Continue reading

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