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As hospitals acquire more private practices, insurance costs rise

From the AMA Morning Rounds: On the front page of its Business Section, the Wall Street Journal (8/27, B1, Mathews, Subscription Publication) reports that it is becoming increasingly more common for hospitals to acquire private physician practices, and this may be contributing … Continue reading

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Mediscare? What Paul Ryan’s Medicare Overhaul Fails to Address

I don’t think anyone remotely following the health care debate as well as this country’s budget problems will contest that Medicare as it currently stands is quickly heading into an insolvent state. In fact, the annual drama of the Sustainability … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Health Care Reform

In July it was noted in the AMA news that Massachusett’s health care costs are spiraling out of control. This is the model started under Mitt Romney’s governorship and what President Obama and Congress followed for the Patient Protection Affordability Care Act.  … Continue reading

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9 Healthcare Reforms Better Than PPACA

9 Healthcare Reforms Better Than PPACA

Real healthcare reforms that help the American people

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How can true catastrophic insurance plans lower healthcare costs?

As many of you know, I believe that the current healthcare delivery model which is dominated by third party payers leads to the high cost of healthcare.  The following is a brief suggestion of a simple way to move away … Continue reading

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