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Mango Clementine Salad

While in New York City on the 4th of July, I stumbled upon this local recipe.  It’s a healthy and refreshing salad, perfect for summertime.  Mangos are reported to be a good source of iron and are high in antioxidants.   … Continue reading

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What Should Replace the Affordable Care Act?

In my prior piece, I explained that health insurance plans and government programs shield patients from the true cost of services provided, leading to expensive healthcare by creating artificial supply and demand curves.  Individual patients and proper market dynamics will … Continue reading

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Milk Thistle Extract for Liver Disease

Milk thistle extract (silymarin) was studied for potential benefit in refractory hepatitis C.  This study found that this supplement for this situation was no different than placebo. There were no major harmful side effects, but there was more G.I. … Continue reading

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How Perverse Market Forces Contributed to Counterfeit Cancer Medication Arrival To United States Patients

This is a story involving socialized healthcare, price controls, supply reality, poor judgement, protectionism, arbitrage, and greed. A special report feature in Friday, July 20th’s Wall Street Journal explains how fake cancer drugs entered the United States.  This story highlights how … Continue reading

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Regulating Dietary Supplements: The DMAA Debate

Last week, the Archives of Internal Medicine published a commentary advocating more government regulation of dietary supplements.  Dietary supplements refer to non-vitamin, non-mineral products such as herbals.  The market for these products has steadily risen over the years and, in … Continue reading

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Stockton seeks bankruptcy; comparing the cost of a city with the cost of healthcare

Putting Numbers in Perspective  July 27th it was announced that Stockton, California, with about 300,000 residents and a $700 million debt load, is set to become the largest U.S. city ever to seek Chapter 9 protection and file for bankrupcy. … Continue reading

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Medicare For All?

This is the sign in the upper photo of the Wall Street Journal’s front page July 29th 2012. This appears to be the sentiment of the people cheering for the Supreme Court’s decision. Poor folks, they think it will be … Continue reading

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