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Doctors are going out of business

As it turns out, I’m not the only physician struggling to stay afloat in this severely mismanaged healthcare system.  This recent survey shows that 26% of private practice physicians could close their practices within a year.  This is all due … Continue reading

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Northern White Beans with Quinoa and Barley

A high fiber / high protein meal from Dr. Raymond Kordonowy.    Always searching for ways to optimize nutrition, I love to experiment in the kitchen. This recipe is a result of that experimentation. It utilizes a grain that I … Continue reading

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Patents on “reinvented” medications lead to higher insurance premiums

This Friday’s Wall Street Journal (June 22,2012) features an article authored by Jonathan D. Rockoff reporting that Abbott Laboratories is contesting a portion of the healthcare law regarding patent protection. Patent protections for the drug industry have a long history. … Continue reading

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Health Benefits of Alcohol and Caffeine

At Opposite Ends of the Pole Author Tom Standage states his in his book,  A History of the World in 6 Glasses , ” …Coffee came to be regarded as the very antithesis of alcohol, sobering rather than intoxicating, heightening … Continue reading

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Does marijuana have any medical indications?

On June 14th I was driving to work in the morning and heard an NPR piece about the medical marijuana market. I found myself asking, “How has the debate of legalizing marijuana been successfully sold to the public on the … Continue reading

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Why PPACA is Bad: Real Solutions for Healthcare Reform

I have considered many elements of the healthcare debate, and have renewed confidence that there are more practical ways to fix the system.  The aim of this piece is to comment on the flaws of the current health care system, … Continue reading

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Read my guest opinion piece published by the News-Press 6/11/12

The Fort Myers News-Pressed published a guest opinion piece that I wrote. The article briefly discusses my opinions on the Patient Protection and Affordabe Care Act (PPACA or Obamacare). Check out the article here and let me know what you … Continue reading

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